Moleskine Notebooks | Cahiers Squared Journals, notebooks, Moleskine

Moleskine Notebooks | Cahiers Squared Journals

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Cahiers are lightweight, flexible, everyday journals with customizable covers. Visible Singer stitching, natural colors and tactile raw cardboard add a handcrafted feel to your writing. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is a pocket for loose notes. Cahier Journals come in sets of three, making them ideal for organizing separate projects or plans.

Product Details:

  • Diary, 80 pages
  • Dimensions: 129.54 x 208.28 x 15.24mm
  • Weight: 317.51g
  • Publisher: Moleskine
    Language: English
  • Rounded corner
  • Packed in sets of three in the same color
  • 70 gsm, acid-free, ivory-colored paper
  • Cardboard back pocket
  • Lies flat, opens at 180°
  • Singer-sewn stitching on the spine - Moleskine S.p.A. creates and sells FSC&reg-certified products