Singapore at 55: Tanglin Mall Feature

As of today, Singapore is one year older!! For its 55th year, Tango Mango has a special post on the history of a place in Singapore which is very close to our hearts: Tanglin Mall.

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Tanglin's history is tied closely to that of European settlers, reflected in the way the naming of its roads celebrate Scottish backgrounds, such as Cluny, Edinburgh and Tyersall Road. Tanglin, a place of huge estates, also housed many famous personalities of Singapore's past. The most notable was William Napier, Singapore's first lawyer, who named his house Tang Leng, after the area's Teochew name twa tang leng (great east hill peaks). This is believed to be where Tanglin Road got its name. 

Tanglin featured as the beginning point of the Orchard Heritage Trail

What's Going On Here?

Located in front of Orchard Road is the Tanglin belt which includes the Tanglin Shopping Centre and the unique Tudor Courts, Tanglin Mall sets itself up as a distinctive location. Its eclectic collection of retail shops thus cannot be found anywhere else on the island. 

Tanglin Mall in particular has been a part of my own childhood, with fond memories of visiting the eclectic collection of shops, to the Christmas snow and the Tanglin Mall flea markets. While its flea markets have seen its last days, its Christmas village is still ongoing and is well patronised with raving reviews. Last year, Tanglin Mall even had a Santa village with craft workshops, storytelling, sing-a-long sessions and Santa Meet and Greets, as well as a Christmas Market hosted by The Social Exchange.

A White Christmas Indeed! 

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Video taken from youtube user Karthigai Puu

History condensed from Singapore Infopedia and National Heritage Board

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