5 Thoughtful Gifts Perfect For Father's Day 2020

Each year, when Father's Day approaches, your father tells you he doesn't want anything – no presents, no cake, and no cards. But let us let you in on a secret – even the pickiest or most nonchalant dad still loves receiving gifts from you – and he loves it even more when the gifts are thoughtful and practical. 

Here are 5 gifts at the top of our lists this Father's Day. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom for a bonus item!

1: Moleskine Notebooks

The perfect notebook for note-taking, listing ideas, or even just to scribble an idea or two. From squared notebooks to dotted pages, there's bound to be a Moleskine that’s right for your dads.

In addition to the great physical design of these notebooks, digital-savvy dads also fall in love with Moleskine’s Evernote Smart Notebook. With this innovative feature, your dad can permanently preserve his ideas by capturing the pages of the notebook with the Evernote's Page Camera feature. Sharing digitally with friends, family and colleagues has never been easier! 

lamy pen

2: Lamy Pens

Your dad likes to think of himself as suave, and these minimalistic fountain pens can only bring him one step closer to the gentleman he envisions himself as. Elegant and intentionally designed, they’re a perfect addition to his writing arsenal.

Mr Soap Series
3: Mr Soap Series
These stylish soap bars are for the dapper, trendy dads that take pride in their appearance. Each soap bar has been triple-milled, is free from Parabens & SLS, and is rich in moisturising shea butter. Only the finest quality for the #1 man in your life! 

4: KeepCup
Help your dad minimise his waste footprint with the world’s first barista-standard reusable coffee cup! Not only will he be able to enjoy freshly brewed coffees at home while working remotely, he’ll also be able to get his daily caffeine fill from his favourite cafes in style once we’re all able to go back to work!

5: Stationery Tool Belt
Organised dads always geek out on products that keep them tidy and ready, and this stationary tool belt will be no different. All he has to do is slip it over the cover of his notebook, fill its loops with whatever tools he needs, and he’s ready for the day!

fathers day card

Bonus #6: Greeting Cards 
No Father's Day gift is complete without a heartfelt card. If there’s one thing all dads everywhere want to be recognized for, it’s the hard work they put into being a good father. With our wide range of Father's Day cards, we're sure you'll find a card that's suited to his personality. 

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