Finally, We meet again

Singapore’s economy has finally reopened after more than 2 months! When we heard the news, we were equally as excited as you! Along with other retail shops, Tango Mango has finally opened our doors again to welcome you back. However, with the Covid-19 situation still present, our customers’ safety is still our #1 priority. With a vaccine still not developed, PM Lee has also stated that our fight with the coronavirus is far from over. Hence, social distancing measures still need to be adhered to during Phase 2, so as to prevent community spread from happening while we adjust to this new normal.
As Tango Mango is committed to ensuring that customers remain safe even while shopping, we wish to provide you with five tips to make your day out a memorable but safe one – not just for you, but for the entire community.

1. Remembering to Check in and Check Out

We know that scanning the QR Code might seem a little troublesome – especially when you have to do it everywhere you go. However, doing so allows you to contribute to our community’s fight against covid-19, but also makes the lives of many frontline workers much easier. It doesn't take much to be socially responsible – just keying in your details can ensure that you, as well as your family and friends – are kept safe from the virus. So, with effect from 19th June, all customers will be required to check in via the SafeEntry QR code before entering the store! 

2. Maintaining a 1m distance

Maintaining a 1m distance from another shopper is essential to keep not only ourselves, but other shoppers, safe. By maintaining a safe distance from one another, we can slow down the transmission chain and flatten the epidemic curve. This is the best way to contain and prevent community spread as it can serve as a circuit breaker.

The World Health Organization (WHO)has advised to maintain at least one metre distance between yourself and anyone who is sneezing and coughing. That’s because when someone coughs or sneezes, they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain the virus.

Hence, our shop has laid out several safe distancing stickers, especially when you are queuing up to pay, so that you will be able to gauge accurately your distance from another shopper. With these markers in place, you will be able to enjoy a safe and fuss-free shopping experience!

3. Decide First, Touch Later

Everything looks really nice in the store, doesn’t it? However, to prevent any contamination of surfaces, it is best for you not to touch any items unless you’re really sure that you are going to get it! If you really wish to look inside an item, please approach us.we’ll bemore than happy to help you!

4. Bring your own shopping bag

Did you know that bringing your own shopping bags along is one of the best ideas to protect yourself? Firstly, it is good for animals and the environment! A recent study revealed that Singapore is the country that produces the greatest amount of solid waste per capita in the world - and plastic makes up a huge part of it!Using your own bags means fewer plastic bags will end up in a landfill or end up in places where wildlife can become entangled by them or even consume them, while reducing Singapore’s plastic waste! 

Secondly, using your own bags means less contact with unknown surfaces. you can best protect yourself by bringing your own bags! That way, the virus won’t even stand a chance against you! 

5. Contactless Over Cash!

Lastly, we would like to recommend all customers to go through contactless payment. Going through contactless payment is the best because you don’t have to handle cash - which can contain lots of germs. Did you know that paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a household toilet? Hence, opting for contactless payment will be one the ways to protect yourself adequately from any transmission of germs! 

On this note,we would like to thank you for your support! Your support has allowed us to thrive and stay resilient during this time of crisis. During the circuit breaker, we also took time to reflect on our business – and decided to launch a website to complement our physical store so that our customers can continue to shop online, whenever and wherever!  As the website is still under development, please do not hesitate to drop us a private message on Facebook or on the website if there are items missing on the website that you would like to order. We will always endeavour provide you attentive and personalized service.

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