5 Essential Things to Buy for your Newfound Phase 2 Freedom

We're finally in Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker! Now that almost all activities are resuming and the pace of life starts to pick up again, you might be feeling excited, or a little stressed at the tasks you would need to complete and the amount of people you will need to meet. We at Tango Mango have compiled a list of 5 essentials that you’ll definitely need during Phase 2. Who knows, you might even find something nice for your loved ones!

1. To-Do Lists by Roger La Borde 

Roger Le Borde To Do List

                Magnetic To-Do Pads by Roger La Borde, $11.90
These beautiful to-do pads are a great start to feeling organized every day.

As we start to schedule new and exciting plans to meet friends and family that we’ve not seen in months, you might need a little help to kickstart your day and organise your tasks. 

A To-Do List is a small step that may be the key to allowing you to have control of your life, feel happier, and more organized! Although there may be many things to do, taking one step at a time and ticking tasks off your to-do lists will definitely give you a major sense of accomplishment. These beautifully and aesthetically designed To-Do lists by Roger La Borde will definitely make you want to write on them every day! 

2. Lunch bags/freezer bags

Lunch bag
Freezable Lunch Bag by PackIt, $29.90
This lunch bag is perfect for keeping your food fresh for hours.

Now that some of us will be going back to the office now that the economy is slowly gearing up, these reusable and freezable lunch bags would be perfect for you to bring the food you've prepared at home to work, or for your kids to bring to school! Freezable lunch bags work the magic for you by keeping your food fresh for hours, while these reusable snack bags are not only environmentally friendly but also light enough for you to take anywhere.

This PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag is the perfect lunch bag because this bag features a patented cooling technology designed to keep your food cold and fresh for hours, it also comes with a buckle handle for easy carrying. You can not only bring it to work but also for the long-awaited picnic lunches with your friends!


Lunch Bag

Reusable Snack Bag by Roll’Eat, $18.90
This snack bag is both convenient and environmentally-friendly.

Meanwhile, the snack bag Roll’eat is perfectly sized for a sandwich or a snack. It is also easy to clean – just wipe the inner layer with a damp cloth. The best part of this sandwich bag is that it is reusable, helping you to play a part in reducing your environmental footprint. 

3. Eco-Vessel BottlesEco Vessel Bottle

The Boulder - Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Eco-Vessel, $69.50
This bottle is perfect in battling Singapore’s hot weather!

Whether you choose to stay at home or head out when Phase 2 starts, one essential item everyone needs is definitely the EcoVessel Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle! This bottle is a lifesaver especially for the kind of hot and humid weather we often encounter in Singapore. Built with triple insulation, this bottle will keep your drinks cold for 36 hours and hot for 8 hours. With its cleverly designed two-piece lid and removable strainer, this may just be the best tea thermos ever! You’ll never go anywhere without it – this bottle will become your trusty companion, keeping you cool all day long.

4. Rattan Bags

Rattan Bag

Black and White by The Penan Bag Shop, $90.95
This chic and stylish bag is perfect for your cafe-hopping dates!

As cafes start to reopen in Phase 2, you’ll definitely need a chic and stylish Rattan Bag to bring along on your cafe-hopping adventures with your family, friends, or your significant other! Ranging from $x to $x, these bags are an addition that will definitely accentuate your outfit for that perfect Instagram photo! Not only are these bags aesthetic and colourful, but they are also practical as an everyday bag as the number of things it can hold will surprise you!

Gone are the days where you had to carry several bags with you when you meet your friends – this bag is big and strong enough to contain everything you need. 

5. Tango Mango Gift Cards

Gift Card

Tango Mango Gift Cards, $10-$100
This gift card allows for flexibility, with an element of personalization.

To celebrate the start of Phase 2 with your loved ones, why not gift them with a gift card from Tango Mango? With our wide array of products & services, a gift card from Tango Mango is a delightful gift to receive, gift cards are perfect because they allow for flexibility, with an element of personalization that comes with the personalized goods and services we offer at Tango Mango. With our gift cards available online, these gift cards will be sent to their email inbox straight away! Make your gift card extra special and thoughtful by adding a personalised note for your loved ones, and it’ll feel like the perfect present.

We hope these recommendations help open your eyes to the number of products that can help you adjust to a new normal in Phase 2! Other than being practical, these items are also beautifully designed. Here’s to adjusting to our newfound freedom! 

PS: You can find these products at our store, located at Tanglin Mall. Please be patient as we add more products into our inventory online, thank you! 

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